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Air Purification Technology


Unlike legacy exhaust-only odor control systems, Aerisa ionization systems supply highly ionized air with O2+ and O2 ions to the application areas. These ions proactively attack the odorous and corrosive contaminants at their source while vastly improving indoor working conditions.

Traditional odor control methods such as the use of chemical based wet scrubbers or carbon adsorption systems are both capital and maintenance intensive. Aerisa’s innovative approach provides unique technology for odor control with much lower total cost of ownership.

A Different Approach
Unlike legacy odor control systems that utilize carbon, chemicals or biological media to scrub air exhausted out of a building or headspace, Aerisa ionization systems supply highly ionized air with O2+ and O2 ions to the application areas. These ions proactively attack the contaminants at their source while vastly improving indoor working conditions. As a second purification step, outside air may be ionized and mixed with pretreated facility air in an exhaust air handler to deliver high quality exhaust.

howitworks2Ionization Science
The Aerisa ionization technology for wastewater applications is based on ions produced by an ionization tube. The tube works with single phase AC power transformed to approximately 3,000 volts. The electrical potential created by the tube, along with system airflow, creates positive and negative oxygen ions that form molecular ion clusters with highly oxidizing power. Each ionization unit comes with five tubes, with the application-specific quantity of ionizers housed in an industrial air handler.