Rotating Belt Filter (ECO-MAT), Advanced Nutrient Treatment (BLUE-PRO & BLUE-NITE), Centraflo Filters.
 PublicBlue Water Technologies, Inc. has successful experience working with many municipalities to meet their wastewater treatment needs. Using our high quality wastewater treatment solutions, we will help your treatment plant meet low level phosphorus requirements, obtain overall nutrient reduction, cut operating costs and also reduce the footprint of your wastewater treatment facility. We have extensive experience working on contracts with municipalities all over across the United States and internationally to satisfy wastewater needs. We are able to provide a wide range of filtration solutions ranging from portable installations to large scale installations. Whatever you wastewater needs, Blue Water can help you find a solution. Please see below for what our products can do for you:

Phosphorus Removal with Blue PRO®

The Blue PRO® system provides a unique approach to phosphorus removal. Using Blue Water’s Centra-flo® continuous backwash gravity sand filters, a unique control system, and the patented Blue PRO® process for reactive filtration, phosphorus is removed from wastewater streams through an array of process, including the mechanism of adsorption. Your plant will see with significantly lower chemical use across the entire wastewater treatment plant than competitors. No other chemical dosing is required in the plant to achieve the lowest phosphorus discharge requirements. Current Blue PRO® installations are meeting permit limits as low as 0.05 mg/L with a chemical dose of only 10 mg/L as Fe.

Enhanced Nutrient Removal with Blue NITE®

PublicWith advanced equipment design, Blue Water offers the Blue NITE® treatment system for consistently lowering nitrates to <1 mg/L NOx-N. In the Blue NITE® process, biological activity in the tertiary filtration system converts nitrates to nitrogen gas. Using our unique control system, Blue NITE® maintains NPDES targets for both nitrate and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) by accommodating high or fluctuating influent nitrate levels. In addition to installations using traditional carbon sources such as methanol, Blue Water has extensive design and installation experience with the newest alternative carbon sources. These non-explosive options can moderate the capital cost of chemical storage facilities. With the Blue NITE® system, Blue Water provides the most efficient and economically viable treatment solution.

Tertiary Filtration with Centra-flo®

Blue Water’s Centra-flo® filters have been designed to maximize performance. In every application involving granular media filtration, the Centra-flo® continuous backwash sand filter is the premier choice for the removal of suspended and colloidal solids. Classified as an upflow, dynamic bed filter, Centra-flo® provides a continuous supply of high quality filtrate without interruptions for backwash or cleaning cycles.

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