Low & Medium Voltage Drives for Water & Wastewater. As cities and towns continue to grow, the demand for Water and Wastewater capacity as well as the cost of energy will continue to increase. System optimization will be required to meet the increased demand, reduce overall operating costs and comply with new regulations. The ... More

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Air Purification Technology Unlike legacy, exhaust-only odor control systems, Aerisa ionization systems supply highly ionized air with O2+ and O2- ions to the application areas. These ions proactively attack the odorous and corrosive contaminants at their source while vastly improving indoor working conditions. Traditional odor control ... More


Multi-stage centrifugal pressure and vacuum blowers, oil-free high speed drive turbo blowers, oil-free screw blowers, single stage integrally geared turbo blowers. Every day, across the United States and around the world, products are manufactured, roads and buildings are constructed, holes are drilled, minerals are mined and tunnels are ... More

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VACOMASS® Jet Control Valve Stainless steel control valve with axial control action for precise aeration control in biological treatment Linear control performance across 100% of stroke range Gas-tight shut-off Minimal pressure loss during operation due to exceptionally high pressure recovery in the venturi diffuser Pipe ... More


Odor Control Systems, Modular and Compact Inorganic Biofilters, Biogas Conditioning Systems. Biorem is a pioneer environmental biotechnology company that designs, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of high-efficiency air emissions control systems used to eliminate odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and hazardous air ... More


Thickening and Dewatering Centrifuges, Viscotherm Hydraulic Backdrives, Retrofits and Service. Ideas Ahead in Decanter Centrifuge Technology: By attacking key challenges with new thinking, Centrisys continues to advance decanter centrifuge technology to improve efficiency, safety, performance and return on investment for customers in a ... More


Standard and Custom Fluid Agitation Equipment for Water and Wastewater Treatment. Water / Wastewater: Water Treatment Municipal water treatment facilities utilize continuous mixing to process drinking water for municipalities.  There are a variety of drinking water sources and therefore different processing steps for the water.  ... More


AirPrex complete sludge optimization and Phosphorus Recovery System. cnp Technology Water and Biosolids Corporation designs and supplies systems for nutrient recovery and sludge optimization. Led by a team of wastewater industry veterans and supported globally by engineers with decades of experience in biosolids treatment, cnp continues ... More


Packaged Pump & Valve Systems for Water & Wastewater. In the mid-1950’s Dakota Pump Inc., under the name Sanders Inc., started manufacturing and marketing package pump stations in Sioux Falls, SD to meet a regional (North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska) demand. Located in Sioux Falls, SD, the company did well, ... More


Two and Three –Way Eccentric Plug Valves, 100% Ported Plug Valves, AWWA & Industrial Butterfly Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Throttling Knife Gate Valves, Check Valves, Air Valves, Ball & Cone Valves. DeZURIK, APCO, HILTON and Willamette – four of the most trusted brands in the valve industry – have come together as one. Our ... More