Filters / Membranes


Rotating Belt Filter (ECO-MAT), Advanced Nutrient Treatment (BLUE-PRO & BLUE-NITE), Centraflo Filters.  Blue Water Technologies, Inc. has successful experience working with many municipalities to meet their wastewater treatment needs. Using our high quality wastewater treatment solutions, we will help your treatment plant meet ... More


Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge Technologies (IFAS), MBBR, Webitat Lagoon Treatment. In ENTEX’s 10 year history, we’ve accomplished so much. We’ve served dozens of satisfied customers, providing custom engineering solutions to fit their specific needs.  We’ve expanded our product offerings to include BioPortz Moving ... More


Membrane Filtration (RO, UF, NF, MF) and Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR). WASTEWATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES The need to efficiently and cost-effectively treat wastewater has never been greater. Municipalities treating wastewater are enduring rapidly rising treatment costs to meet ever-changing regulatory discharge ... More


OPTAER & SAGR Lagoon Wastewater Treatment Systems, Nitrification in Cold Climate. NEXOM provides reliable and cost-effective solutions for water and wastewater treatment with a specific focus on OPTAER® lagoon based processes. Our extensive research and development in cold temperature technologies, and experience in pond and ... More


Package Filtration, Pressure Filters & GAC Systems, Gravity Filtration, Residuals & Pre-Treatment Systems for the Water Treatment Systems. Roberts Filter Group is the largest family-owned water treatment company in the U.S., with more than 4,000 installations across five continents. Our century-old service model creates ... More


General Filter, Super Disc-Disc Filter, Microfloc, Landox, OxyStream, Zickert Scraper, WWETCO Flex Filter, Sludge Mixers, Membrane Gas Holders, Romag, Rapid Sand Ballasted Flocculation, Screens, and Grit Removal Municipal Wastewater WesTech enjoys more than 40 years of experience in municipal wastewater treatment. WesTech starts ... More