Thickening and Dewatering Centrifuges, Viscotherm Hydraulic Backdrives, Retrofits and Service.

Two Forward-Thinking Companies Working Together to Solve Environmental Challenges.

Centrisys is a USA manufacturer of decanter centrifuges for sludge dewatering and thickening. Since 1987 Centrisys has been a leader in decanter centrifuge service and repair for all brands of centrifuges on the market today.

Based in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Centrisys/CNP is the only U.S.A. manufacturer of decanter centrifuges for municipal wastewater and one of the few companies in the world focused solely on centrifuge technology. In 1987 the first Centrisys centrifuge was designed and built. They provide the most cost-effective option for owning, operating, and maintaining a decanter centrifuge while tackling the toughest challenges in municipal water and wastewater resulting in:

  • Lowest Life-Cycle Cost
  • Higher capacity
  • Increased throughput
  • Drier cake
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced polymer consumption
  • Fewer service requirements
  • More process flexibility