BIOdek® Trickling Filter Media and 2H TUBEDEK® Lamella Clarifier (Tube Settlers)


Water purification and wastewater treatment

Water is the very essence of life. Without water, agriculture and advanced industrialized economies would of course be unthinkable.  To guarantee sustainable water supplies, water purity deserves top priority – regardless of the economic level of a country. Our products are the systems of choice when it comes to safe, reliable, and energy-saving water purification and wastewater treatment.


Technology for potable water

The removal of solid matter from water is a key step in purification to obtain potable water. This function is effectively performed by lamella separators, through which waste water containing sludge flows. The parallel-configured settlement plates of our lamella separators efficiently remove these solid particles in space-saving treatment plants.

Carbon dioxide in potable water causes corrosion and reduces water quality. Stripping is a physical separation procedure that removes carbon dioxide from the water with the aid of our highly effective and stable mass-transfer packings.


Biological purification of water

The biological treatment of wastewater functions in the same manner as natural self-purification processes in open bodies of water. In nature, bacteria growing on stones in a natural watercourse eliminate pollutants – and in our purification systems, these same bacteria colonize on fill elements. These elements offer microorganisms optimal conditions in all process steps, with particular energy efficiency, in trickling filters.



Owing to the depletion of fish in the oceans, aquaculture is becoming increasingly important. Many aquaculture facilities are currently being operated with closed-cycle water circuits, to assure independence from environmental influences and from great consumption of water. Our products provide highly efficient treatment of this water.

Although 71 % of the earth’s surface is covered with water, only 3.5 % of the water in the world is fresh water. Potable water is even scarcer: only 0.3 % of the world’s water resources are fit to drink. Our technology makes its contribution toward assuring that we have enough of water, our most vital natural resource.


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