Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge Technologies (IFAS), MBBR, Webitat Lagoon Treatment.
We’ve served dozens of satisfied customers, providing custom engineering solutions to fit their specific needs.  We’ve expanded our product offerings to include BioPortz Moving Media, Webitat Fixed Media, Flowtex Filter System, Packaged Plants, PEAK Managed Services and more so we could better serve your needs.  Our technologies continue to treat over 75 Million Gallons of water each day.

Today’s municipal wastewater treatment system is a marvel of progress since the 1972 Clean Water Act. Even so, these facilities face increasing regulatory pressure to achieve ever greater improvements in discharge quality. Additionally, in many parts of the country, population growth has increased demands on our natural resources, placing additional capacity stress on municipal wastewater treatment systems. Progress in abating pollution has barely kept ahead of population growth, changes in industrial processes, technological developments, changes in land use, business innovations, and many other factors.

Water pollution issues now dominate public concerns about national water quality and maintaining healthy ecosystems. Despite this increased attention, funding sources for new upgrades are getting more difficult to find, creating the need for innovative solutions.

Entex provides the ability to upgrade municipal facilities to meet the needs of increased capacity and improved effluent discharge requirements, often without the need for additional treatment basins. Entex’s Webitat and BioPortz media systems provide a flexible suite of powerful solutions to the challenges facing municipal wastewater treatment systems.

FlowTex™️ is a user-friendly, high-performance, tertiary filter suitable for both small and large flow applications. The FlowTex™️ design incorporates a fixed disk with a rotating vacuum head. This outside-to-inside flow ensures that solids stay trapped within the basin and the stationary disc offers a visual check for clarity of the effluent. The FlowTex™️ system is a low-cost option for use in a wide variety of applications and configurations.

Ease of installation and maintenance

Each disc can easily be replaced. The FlowTex™️ filter system is a complete, factory-built and pre-fabricated system, shipped to site, and ready to be placed into the owner’s excavation site.

The FlowTex™️ advantage
  • An option for plants with smaller flows or space limitations.
  • Has polishing capabilities that capture solids as small as 10 micron.
  • TSS < 5 mg/L
  • NTU < 2
  • Title 22 approved.
Improvements in the Second Generation
  1. Overhauled Disc Design
      • Only One Disc Segment per Disc
      • Easier to Remove Discs (Twice as Fast)
      • Eliminates Trough on One Side
      • Reduced Spacing between Individual Discs
      • No need for dual side access, so can be installed against a wall
  2. Completely Redesigned Vacuum Assembly
      • Made of Long Lasting UHMW for Reduced Wear
  3. Simpler & More Durable Tensioning System
      • Sturdy Adjustable Set Screw
  4. Reengineered Tank Design
      • Integrated Automatic Pump Priming
      • Eliminate Loss of Prime on Backwash Pump
      • Reduce User Error due to Required Manual Priming
  5. Optional PEAK Integration
      • Monitor All Aspects of System Remotely, including Equipment Statuses, Water Quality, Flow Rate & More.
      • Receive Equipment Service Suggestions Automatically
      • Automatically Receive Performance Optimization Suggestions from ENTEX Engineers