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VACOMASS® Jet Control Valve

  • Stainless steel control valve with axial control action for precise aeration control in biological treatment
  • Linear control performance across 100% of stroke range
  • Gas-tight shut-off
  • Minimal pressure loss during operation due to exceptionally high pressure recovery in the venturi diffuser
  • Pipe reduction and expansion are typically not needed
  • Airflow meter can be located 0.5*D in front of the valve
  • Patent No.: 102013110581

This control valve is unique worldwide and combines fluid dynamic and manufacturing technology solutions. A few highlights of this unique and patented control valve are:

  • Manufactured exclusively of corrosion proof stainless steel (seals are Teflon/carbon and Viton), for environmental and media temperatures from -400C to +1500C (-400F to 3000F). Exposed components are lubrication-free.
  • The linear performance curve over the entire stroke of the valve is ideal for high resolution and an unlimited useable control range with constant high accuracy. The ideal amplification factor of 1 facilitates the use any type of controller.
  • The highly aerodynamic design causes minimal turbulence and the valve has very low pressure loss and low noise. The venturi diffuser has very high pressure recovery because the flow remains attached to the wall. This is supported by the central drive unit. The rapid pressure recovery saves energy costs, and as an added benefit, the first drop pipe to a diffuser grid can be located directly after the valve with no adverse effect on air distribution.
  • The control valve shuts bubble tight so it can be used for swing zones and process optimization. The cost of a separate isolation valve can be saved.
  • The control element and the entire design have a very low coefficient of drag. This causes a very low drive torque, and the Teflon/carbon journal bearings are low friction, so in total, smaller electric actuator are possible. This reduces capital and operating expenses.
  • The flexible design of the VACOMASS jet control valve’s control elements allows individual adaptation of the Kv-value and the amplification factor to local plant requirements.
  • Differences between design conditions and actual operating conditions are no longer a problem. This is due to the linear operating characteristics and the constant control accuracy across a 0% to 100% useable control range. Oversized valves that are needed for high load operation but are not suited for control at partial load cannot happen with the VACOMASS Jet control valve. This problem is completely eliminated by the new design!
  • The airflow meter can be positioned 0.5*D in front of the valve, the effect of valve actions on the measurement signal is negligible.

    Jet Control Valve Binder Group Diagram english

    The electric actuator is flanged directly on the valve and requires a very low torque because the design of the valve causes very low actuation forces. The standard actuator is AUMA or Rotork with high corrosion protection per customer request. Other customer-specific actuator manufacturers can be supplied as long as they meet the technical specifications.

    binder group jet control valve
    The control signal can come from a customer PLC or from control modules of the VACOMASS® flexcontrol.