Gener-Ox Chemical Free Odor & Corrosion Control System, DAF Systems.

Inland Environmental Resources, Inc. (IER) is a distributor of magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide products and other innovative environmentally-friendly process water and wastewater treatment chemicals and equipment. Based in Pasco, WA, IER primarily services the Pacific and Inland Northwest. However, because of our unique technologies offered, IER also provides services to customers worldwide.

IER’s philosophy is to listen to and observe our customers to identify potential environmental solutions that can optimize performance and minimize costs associated with process water and wastewater treatment. In most cases, the environmental solution to a problem is also the most cost-effective solution. To aid in this process, IER offers more than 100 years of combined experience in the areas of municipal and industrial wastewater and process water treatment.

IER is the Pacific Northwest distributor of Magnesium Hydroxide with facilities located in Pasco, WA. with additional plant locations in Sioux City, Iowa; Hills, Iowa; Panhandle, Texas; Heyburn, Idaho and Forest Grove, Oregon. The use of Magnesium Hydroxide, also known as “Milk of Magnesia”, is growing rapidly as the needs increase for safe and inexpensive chemistry, sodium-free wastewater acid neutralization, improved solids settling, and sludge volume reduction.

In addition, IER is a proud distributor of innovative environmentally-friendly technologies for:
– chemical-free odor control for municipal lift stations, land application systems, aerobic digesters, and lagoons
– extremely low-energy method to generate high concentrations of dissolved oxygen in water
– low-cost and low-energy cavitational air flotation equipment
– extremely low-backflush volume, media-free filtration
– process water recycle/reuse methodology