J&S Valve is committed to providing the highest quality valves for longer service life and is recognized around the world for manufacturing the most robust valves on the market. Providing 100% testing, rather than inconsistence testing, sets J&S apart. All valves are tested in accordance to the American Water Works Standards. J&S Valve strives to provide superior customer service and to provide quality products at competitive prices.

J&S is committed to complete customer satisfaction. J&S Valve Manufactures Valves in full compliance with AWWA Standards.

  • Resilient Seated Gate Valves through 108″.
  • IBBM Metal Seated Rolling Double Disc 3” through 108”
  • IBBM Solid Wedge Metal Seated Gate Valves 2” through 108’
  • Ball Check Valves 1.5” through 20”
  • Wafer Check Valves 2” through 24”
  • Rubber Duckbill Check Valves 1” through 96”
  • Metal Seated Plug 3” through 108” Valves
  • Metal Seated Ball Valves 3″ through 108″,
  • Plunger Valves 8″ through 72″
  • Commercial Lug or Wafer Butterfly Valves 2″ through 24″
  • Wet or Dry barrel Fire Hydrant
  • The best Tank Mixing System in the industry.