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Pre-Engineered Simplex, Duplex and On-Demand Vacuum Priming Systems and Priming Valve Assemblies.



Company Overview


LYNN Engineered Systems is an engineering design and manufacturing firm specializing in specification compliant, custom environmental and industrial vacuum systems. We are a leading supplier of vacuum priming systems for water and wastewater treatment, power, mining, marine, industrial, commercial, irrigation and agricultural industries. We welcome the challenge of developing optimal solutions within site constraints.LYNN Engineered Systems LLC

At LYNN, we incorporate the use of several vacuum pump technologies and quality components.   LYNN offers the most complete line of  custom and pre-engineered vacuum priming systemswith an extensive array of system optionsand materials of construction than any other manufacturer. Our experts ensure that each LYNN system is designed to fit the customer’s unique application.

At LYNN, Reliable through design is not just a slogan, it is the driving principle behind every system we build. We want our customers to be completely satisfied and confident that with LYNN they will receive exceptional expertise, knowledge, quality and service.

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Product Overview

Vacuum Priming Systems

Every LYNN Priming System is designed to insure years of reliable, low maintenance for trouble free service.

Pre-Engineered and Custom

LYNN offers a complete line of high quality vacuum priming system designs.

Standard models included:


All LYNN systems can be customized to meet any specific application requirement.

When project specified systems are required, LYNN excels at providing full compliance in system design and construction. Specification assistance during the design stage assures your client will receive the most appropriate and economical solution for their needs.

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Priming System Options

LYNN offers accessories and optional features which enhance the performance, protection and operational control for any system.

With installations throughout the world, LYNN Vacuum Priming System designs have evolved through years of demanding real-world use in water and wastewater treatment plants, steel mills, power, mining, agriculture, marine and commercial applications. We offer a comprehensive range of support capabilities from design analysis and pre-project specification assistance through commissioning and training.
LYNN Reliable through design