Onsite Oxygen (Gaseous & Cryogenic) Generators.


Our oxygen solutions product line includes state-of-the-art portable liquid oxygen plants and gaseous oxygen generators. On-site oxygen generation offers increased productivity and reduced operating costs in the treatment of water and wastewater.

Water Treatment

Drinking water requires the precision application of the oxygen molecule in several parts of a treatment train. Oxygen is used for efficient on-site generation of ozone for odor mitigation issues. It can be used to enhance taste. An emerging application is the stripping of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to prevent formation of THMs (Trihalomethane) in the chloramination process – amongst others.

Wastewater Treatment

Oxygen plays an important role in wastewater treatment. Most of the bacteria that are responsible for the decay of organic material are aerobic, so the dissolved oxygen in the wastewater must be replenished by an outside source. Efficient oxygenation is, in fact, essential to the success of aerobic biological treatment.

Water Remediation

Groundwater remediation, or the removal of trace contaminants of concern from groundwater, is becoming evermore important due to increasingly strict regulatory requirements. Often, this application only requires the temporary supply of a treatment train on a lease basis. On-site oxygen production provides a solution that has low capital and operating costs.


Like humans, aquatic species need oxygen to survive. In aquaculture, the oxygen is dissolved in the body of water. Aquaculture farms can be more productive by increasing the number of aquatic species for a given water volume (also known as stocking density). However, as the number of aquatic species increases, the demand for oxygen increases as well.