Package Filtration, Pressure Filters & GAC Systems, Gravity Filtration, Residuals & Pre-Treatment Systems for the Water Treatment Systems.

Roberts Filter Group is the largest family-owned water treatment company in the U.S., with more than 4,000 installations across five continents. Our century-old service model creates value at the heart of the plant across all seven of the key value drivers: from energy usage to operational efficiency.

Infinity – Continuous Lateral Underdrain

The Infinity Continuous Lateral Underdrain fundamentally changes the game with it’s unibody design. The Infinity air/water underdrain is extruded to the exact required length; no breaks, joints, or seals. This unique design feature completely eliminates joint and seal failure.

Aries™ – Managed Air System

The Aries Managed Air System is a revolutionary filter air scour system. The Aries is the preferred method of auxillary wash for the cleansing of a filter, since it provides thorough cleansing of the entire filter bed versus surface wash systems or passive air systems which are only effective in the top layer of the filter bed.

Pacer II® – Dual Treatment

The Pacer II is a family of pre-fabricated modular and package dual-treatment water treatment plants that deliver proven results that  solve difficult treatment problems, including turbidity, color, iron, manganese, taste, odor, as well as waterborne disease causing organisms. Pacer II is ideal for locations where raw water turbidity is low to moderate. In a two-step treatment process, the Pacer II provides an upflow contact clarifier followed by a polishing filter. Chemically treated water in the conta clarifier passes through granular media. Consuming 80% less land than conventional plants, Pacer II delivers significant capital cost savings through its compact size and modular design.

Slyder Hoseless Sludge Withdrawal

Sludge withdrawal systems have long relied on hoses to evacuate sediment, presenting operators with a number of issues including tangling, disconnection, corrosion and performance failure. As a result, these systems have required constant monitoring, maintenance and repair. With deep knowledge of plant operations, Roberts created a better way. The Slyder™ was designed to reduce the amount of maintenance and extend the lifespan of sludge withdrawal systems. The Slyder™ hose-less design, combined with the Roberts control system, allows for on-demand and automatic cleaning, offering operators a reliable, long-lasting solution.

Plate Settlers

Roberts’ stainless steel plate settlers are manufactured from 100% stainless steel and are designed and constructed at Roberts’ dedicated stainless steel fabrication facility. With over 120 years of sedimentation basin design experience, Roberts’ plate settler systems offer the high efficiency and ease of operation that you expect from all of Roberts’ products.

Dissolved Air Floatation

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is a high rate clarification process for use in water, wastewater and industrial applications. DAF depends on the attachment of air bubbles to floc particles to remove solids via flotation instead of sedimentation. Roberts’ installation experience with DAF includes both conventional and packaged applications.