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Water treatment

Water treatment plants purify raw source water to make it safe to drink. Channels, pipes and pumps are used to transport water throughout the plant as it undergoes physical and chemical treatment. Valves and gates control pressure, level and flow and offer protection to pumps, pipelines, and process equipment.

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Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment plants process wastewater so it can be safely returned into the environment. The media is processed to remove solids, to remove bacteria, and to disinfect. Valves and gates are used throughout wastewater treatment facilities to control the flow of media from one treatment stage to the next. These are corrosive environments that may require the use of special materials of construction to ensure reliable operation.

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Pump stations

Pump stations are defined by pressure surges and sudden velocity changes from the starting and stopping of pumps. To ensure reliable system performance and to prevent system damage, valves and gates that are specially designed for this dynamic environment are required.

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