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Our peristaltic pumps, tubing and hose products help water treatment engineers meet challenges across  processes. The simplicity of peristaltic technology helps to simplify the maintenance process.
With no valves, vanes or impellers—our pumping technologies have distinct advantages over other pump types.

We design our pumps to protect your process and operation staff. The design of Qdos ReNu pumphead technology contains chemicals upon failure. With leak detection software to stop the pump from running in the event of failure, we remove unnecessary maintenance and the risk of chemical exposure. Safeguarding the quality of your output, our intelligent pump software can activate alarms and produce error reports, providing an ideal fluid management solution for remote sites.

Environmental concerns and the preservation of our natural resources is reliant on the treatment and reuse of water. Water will be scarcer than oil by 2030, with demand outstripping supply by 40%. Close to half the world’s population will be living in water stressed areas. Re-use of all forms of water in our daily lives, from domestic and municipal to industrial process water, will become a necessity, with higher levels of chemical metering required.

The challenge of adopting the right technologies and methods in any water treatment process is complicated by the varied conditions at different sites, across industries.

The detailed chemical requirements of industrial wastewater treatment differ from the challenges present in the delivery of clean, potable water to entire communities. From adjusting pH levels in effluent plants to disinfection and odour control, we have a diverse product range, backed by a global network of engineers to provide innovative solutions for your challenges.