Screw Centrifugal Pumps, Chopper Pumps, Prerotation Pump Systems, Grit and Sludge Vortex Pumps, Self-priming Pumps, Hydrogritter Separators
WEMCO is the market-leading US brand for vortex and screw impeller pumps in wastewater, solids and high grit applications, especially among municipal customers. A strong distribution network supports the brand’s high recognition in this diverse market.

WEMCO® Torque-Flow®

Recessed Impeller Pumps

The WEMCO® Torque-Flow® is a recessed impeller pump designed by industrial experts to perform the toughest grit-handling duties.

The WEMCO® Torque-Flow® is the industry’s toughest grit-handling vortex pump, it easily moves pipe size solids without clogging. Abrasion resistant construction – a robust solids handling pump.

Key features/benefits

  • The original recessed impeller pump
  • Fully recessed cup-type impeller
  • Replaceable hard iron wear plate
  • Two-piece case with replaceable suction piece
  • Wet-end parts available in 650+ Brinell hardness
  • SST wet end available on some models
  • Configurations: Horizontal/Vertical, Belt drive, Direct connect, Submersible, Cantilever


  • Waste water treatment
  • Grit and sludge
  • Chemicals
  • Abrasives
  • Fluids with large solids


  • Materials handling (Industrial)
  • Slurry transportation
  • Water and waste water

WEMCO® Hydrogritter®

Grit Removal System, Industrial & Chemical Pumps

The WEMCO® Hydrogritter® is an exceptional grit cyclone and classifier with an enduring operational life of over 25 years.

The WEMCO® Hydrogritter® components are designed as a system to optimise each piece of equipment to consistently produce long-term, high performance grit removal with unmatched reliability, and low operation and maintenance costs. The WEMCO® Hydrogritter® system removes and dewaters grit from primary sludge or influent.

Key features/benefits

  • Protects downstream equipment from grit damage
  • Downtime and grit removal expense minimised
  • Proven ability to remove fine (150+ mesh) grit
  • Production life of 25+ years
  • Cyclone clusters for higher flows


  • Grit removal


  • Classification and separation
  • Materials handling (Industrial)
  • Water and waste water

WEMCO® Prerotation

Prerotation Pumping System

The WEMCO® Prerotation is an automatic wet well cleaning and flow matching system.

The WEMCO® Prerotation System is designed to use the WEMCO® pump and Prerotation basin together to remove floating and settled solids from the wet well during every pumping cycle, without supervision, maintenance, or complex controls.

Key features/benefits

  • Self-cleaning wet well
  • Flow matching
  • Eliminates vacuum truck clean-out
  • Reduces odour, gas, and corrosion
  • Floatable and settled solids removal
  • Simple installation
  • Dry/wet pit immersible
  • Precast basins
  • Extended shafting


  • Removal of floating/sunken solids
  • Mining/carbon transfer
  • Oily water
  • Food and beverage
  • Sludge/waste water
  • Unscreened sewage


  • Food and beverage processing
  • Materials handling (Industrial)
  • Water and waste water

WEMCO® Screw Centrifugal Pump

WEMCO Screw Centifugal Pump

WEMCO Screw Centifugal Pump

Screw Centrifugal Pumps, Submersible Pumps

The WEMCO® Screw Centrifugal pump is equipped with a classic single vane screw centrifugal impeller.

Weir Specialty Pumps applies advanced pump design technology to increase product performance, reduce cost and improve lead time. The long-established screw centrifugal design provides clog-resistant pumping for trouble free movement of solids, and fibrous and stringy materials. The steep head-capacity curve produced by the impeller provides additional head to help push through any partial blockages.

Key features/benefits

  • High efficiency
  • Low NPSH requirements
  • Steep head/capacity curve
  • Flushless tandem mechanical seals
  • Adjustable liners
  • Large solids passage
  • Solids Passage: 2.5 – 4.75 in
  • High Chrome Iron impeller & liner
  • ASTM A532 Class III Type A


  • Sludges
  • Raw & unscreened sewage
  • Paper stock & wood chips
  • Wet well cleanup
  • Crystalline compounds
  • Bacterial Floc
  • Easily damaged fruits & vegetables
  • Coal


  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Submersible
  • Prerotation


  • Materials handling (Industrial)
  • Water and waste water